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Anti Lock Brake not working or noisy on NXS

By 21. December 2016No Comments

How to solve the most common NSX issues – a quide how to troubleshoot the Anti Lock Brake on NSX

The ABS or ALB of the first generation is a typical NSX problem and is quite easy to fix with our conversion kit. A bad ABS / ALB is normally not a matter of mileage, it is more a matter of age. The Anti Lock Braking System (ABS or ALB) prevents the wheels from locking by metering the brake force applied to each individual wheel, enabling you to keep the vehicle under control even during emergency braking. From our own experience we know that the 1 generation system is quite tricky and from time to time errors can occur.

We provide the plug & play solution with easy installation that takes about 6 hours.

Don’t mess around with the old Anti Lock System of the first generation. Upgrade to the newer and faster responding ABS or ALB, which was been used on all 2002+ NSX models. Beside that, it is also lighter and reduces weight that has a performance-enhancing effect to the car. The new modified Anti Lock Brake is a full digital solution.

If you are looking for solution to enhance weight we also recommend this upgrade. Not only because of the very fast respond also because of some safety reasons. We also know from our experience that the newer system is maintenance free.

Our unique NSX ABS / ALB conversion kit consists of every part you will need to upgrade the brake system to its fullest potential. If you have some questions just send as an email or fill out the contact form. We also supply an installation guide and for sure we also provide some technical support if you need it. Our conversion kit only consists of OEM parts.

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