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Maintenance and upgrades on a NSX from Germany

Recently we picked up a NSX for maintenance

During the last couple of weeks we have enhanced the clients NSX and did some maintenance too.

NSX maintenance and upgrades:

Brake fluid
New shield for pully
Damper for rear window
Modified the taillights with new gaskets, light bulbs and wiring harness
Type-R gear knob
Climate control revision
Radio maintenance
Bose amplifiers revision
Adapter cable for USB / Blue-tooth operation with OEM sound system
Intake for the airbox
Mirrors inside left and right
Expansion tank in black, new
Oil change with Fuchs Titan 10w40 and oil filter
Climate retrofit kit, oem Honda
Air conditioning compressor (used) replaceed and convert to R134a; refill the climate
Wheel alignment

After finished work we brought back the car on our trailer.


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