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NSX performance upgrades for German Time Attack Masters 2017

By 1. June 2017No Comments

We are ready for 2017.

NSX performance upgrades for German Time Attack Masters 2017

During the last couple of weeks we have enhanced our German Time Attack Masters NSX for the upcoming season. This weekend the first round takes place near Berlin at Laussitzring. In a short overview we would like to give you some insights of our NSX performance upgrades that might be from interest:


Upgraded and lighter aluminum 4 piston calipers:

The basic idea of performance at ATR Racing is to optimize our NSX to drive it at its fullest potential. This year we upgraded our OEM front brake system. We added a 4 piston aluminium monoblock caliper which has 2kg less compared to the OEM two piston caliper. Weight is always a very important topic within race sports. With this additional upgrade we were able to reduce weight by approx 170kg now.


NSX performance upgrades

4 piston monoblock aluminium caliper for NSX


Enhanced airflow:

To optimize airflow and cooling of our new calipers and brake discs we build a very special intake system that delivers now more air to reduce heat. This easy and cleverly designed upgrade let us stay longer on top speed before entering curves on the track.

NSX performance upgrades

NSX air intake for better brake response


Oil cooler and Oil temp gauge:

A very special oil cooler construction and oil cooler tree that is mounted in the rear of our nsx and an additional oil temp gauge provide us now with the very needed information on the track. Especially on very hot days this new installement makes sure wheather to go up or not.

NSX performance upgrades

NSX Oil cooler, NSX Oil tree, NSX Oil temp gauge



If you have some questions or if you need some of our track tested NSX performance upgrades feel free to call us or to send an email.

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